"With advice this bad, you have to give it away!!!"

**************Results after Week I*************
Picked 0 out of 0 winners (Straight up) 0.0%
Picked 0 out of 0 winners (Against the Spread) 0.0%

****2013 Year End Results****
Picked 94 out of 112 winners (Straight up) 83.93%
Picked 67 out of 111 winners (Against the Spread) 60.36%

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week One - Thursday – SEC-2014

#21 Texas A& M Aggies (10.5pt DOG) @ #9 South Carolina Gamecocks…

Getting “Big Answers” to “Big Questions” starts tonight!!!......Stevey and Cocky are both “set-to-go” and “ready-to-roll”!!!...Speaking of COCKY----Johnny Manziel is gone and so is his favorite target Mike Evans. Unless Texas A&M were able to clone Johnny and Mike in the “off season”; then, this season is going to be--------- an “OFF” season!!! Expect the Cocks defense to be Cock Strong!!! I just hope Johnny’s replacement (Kenny Hill) doesn’t forget to bring his mouth piece because he going to have Cocks in face all night long!!! ……………Carolina’s QB Dylan Thompson and RB Mike Davis will take off, where they left off!!!!.......….The home streak continues in Columbia!!!……..Gamecocks win and cover 42-21!!!

Boise State Broncos (10.5pt DOG) @ # 18 Ole Miss Rebels…(at Atlanta, GA)

BO KNOWS---or in this case ;(Bo)ise knows; how to win football games!!!!...But, there can only be one “BO KNOWS”. And No, I’m not talking about Bo Jackson. I’m talking Ole Miss’s Bo Wallace. And Bo knows how to win football games, Bo Knows how to move the chains and Bo certainly knows how to throw the rock and light up the scoreboard! This is definitely going to be a great game to watch on the tube because the Broncos have two huge weapons in senior QB Grant Hedrick and junior RB Jay Ajayi. And buddy you can believe this; they would love nothing more than to down an SEC team on week one. The Broncos bring to this a game a winning tradition plus they just know how to finish games. In fact, Ole Miss just better be glad this game isn’t being played in high altitude on a blue football field in Idaho. But, it’s not! It’s being played in Atlanta with air conditioning! Bottom-line: The Broncos won’t be able to stop the Rebel’s (soon-to-be super star) WR Laquon Treadwell….Rebels win and cover 35-24!!!

Temple Owls (13.5pt DOG) @ Vanderbilt Commodores…

As the ole saying goes.......
Hey Vandy, I have some Good News,,,and some Bad News for you!!!
You lost your best head coach, you lost your best two receivers and you lost your best quarterback!!!
Now for the bad news-----You hired Coach Derek Mason as your new head coach!!!
As the ole saying goes.......
Hey Temple, I have some Good News,,, and some Bad News for you!!!
You beat Memphis and Army last year!!!
Now for the bad news------------You beat Memphis and Army last year!!!
Vandy will struggle to find 6 wins this year and will be tested all year by lower tier teams. But, the good news for Vandy is,,,,well, if you consider this good news; they don’t have to start worrying about losing until next week. So, Nashville, break out them old “Door Mats” that read---WELCOME (or welcome back)
Commodores win and cover 35-14!!!

Week One - Saturday – SEC-2014

Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks (35 pt DOG) @ Kentucky Wildcats…

Finally some good news for Kentucky football fans--------------- (drum roll please) Drurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr drurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, drurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Clissssssssh!!!!
Only 47 more days until Basketball season starts!!!.....Ok, let me ask a fair question. Is half of that 110 million dollar renovation construction money on the Kentucky Football Stadium going to paid actors to sit and cheer at Kentucky football games??? Hey,,,,,,I’m just asking!!!
Wildcats win but don’t cover 42-14!!!

West Virginia Mountaineers (26.5 pt DOG) @ #2 Alabama Crimson Tide…(at Atlanta, GA)

Two coaches and two levels of stress----On one side you have Mountaineers Head Coach Dana Holgorsen stressing over Bama’s defense and how to save his job. And on the other side of the field, you have Bama’s Head Coach Nick Saban stressing over whether he should re-size one of his national championship rings to fit his big toe just in case he decides to start wearing flip flops to the games!!! Dick Satan’s strategy hasn’t changed-------------------win the SEC and your probably playing for the national championship!!!!(again)…Bama has athletes stacked like cords of wood at each position. And yes, that includes quarterbacks…Bama fans won’t even remember AJ’s name by the 3 game into the season. And that’s a crying shame too, because there were a few “hardcore-bandwagon-tee shirt wearing-Wally World bargain hunter” Bama fans just learning how to spell AJ’s first name.
Roll Damn Tide!!!!........The Tide rolls and covers 35-7!!!

South Dakota State Jackrabbits (35pt DOG) @ #24 Missouri Tigers…
Coach Gary Pinkel has his team posed to compete in the SEC east assuming he can find viable replacement’s on defense for DE Michael Sam, DE Kony Ealy, CB EJ Gaines, middle linebacker Andrew Wilson and outside linebacker Donovan Bonner. He recruited well but that will be tough to overcome this year. We shall see!As far as this game goes, by the 4th quarter, the only recognizable feature of this Jackrabbit football team will be the fur hanging from the mouth of a Missouri Tiger!!! Mizzo kills and covers 55-14!!!

Arkansas Razorbacks (19pt DOG) @ #6 Auburn Tigers…
Headline News: “Death threats cancel Harvey Updyke’s “pie throwing-dunk tank” appearance for a fundraiser that was suppose to raise awareness for children’s cancer in Mobile, AL”----Ok, who actually thought this one thru? Did you not see this one coming??? Harvey, you better make like a tree, and just leave!!!
Auburn has a great coach but luck was a huge part of the winning formula last year. Of course, being in those type games and winning in those type games brings another factor into the equation. Confidence! It will be interesting to see if Coach Gus Malzahn can parlay that confidence into wins and another run at a national title. The Razorbacks won’t have a problem running the ball but they will have a problem passing the ball. And when you can’t pass,,,, the defense cheats!!!! And that’s when running the ball gets harder and harder. Bottom-line for the Hawgs, you can’t be one dimensional but you may have to be this year until you can pick up some play makers at your skilled positions. I think this game will be a lot closer, for a lot longer than people think. Both defenses will be healthy and both teams will want to establish the run. The clock will move quickly with these two teams in run mode!!! I think Nick Marshall’s ability to throw the ball opens up the running lanes just a bit wider for his running backs. Tigers win and cover 34-14!!!

#16 Clemson Tigers (7.5pt DOG) @ #12 Georgia Bulldogs…

Hello America, meet QB Aaron Murray’s replacement------Hutson Mason!!! This fifth year senior has been patiently waiting his time to shine. He’s a system QB so Coach Richt need only “plug-n-play”. Mason’s skill level at QB doesn’t match Aaron Murray’s but he has something else------leadership skills and game management skills. In addition to that; he may have the best running back in the SEC to hand the ball off to when he needs a 3rd and 3 converted. RB Todd Gurley eats up yardage like most people eat potato chips; he just can’t stop after having just one!!!......Last year Georgia lost to Clemson in a close game...........But, that was at Clemson!!! This year Georgia will get to enjoy the home field advantage minus Sammy “Super Freak” Watkins and Tajh “The Mirage” Boyd. I think the new personnel changes are going to be harder on Clemson than Georgia. I already love Bulldogs so this one was an easy one!!!.................Dawgs win but do not cover 31-28!!!

Idaho Vandals (36pt DOG) @ Florida Gators…

Major college football list 128 football teams for 2014. Athlon Sports Magazine is predicting the Idaho Vandals to finish 125 out of 128 and Lindy’s Sport’s Magazine is predicting the University of Mr. Potato Head to finish 124 out of 128!!! (Ok, insert sarcasm here!!!)……Which magazine is going to be right!!! The drama is almost unbearable!!!...Ok, I think it’s safe to say the Gators wins and we learn absolutely nothing more about Florida’s team this week!!!......Gators win and cover 45-0!!!

Southern Miss Golden Eagles (30.5pt DOG) @ Mississippi State Bulldogs…

Dak “The Dark Horse” Prescott,,,,,,, Jameon “The Phenomenon” Lewis,,,,,, and Chris ”I’m Going To Break Your Bones” Jones have all Mississippi State’s faithful feeling the “HYPE”……I think, most State fans will wait and see before mortgaging the house this time. Most of them still remember the sting from 2012 where with the “7-0; We Believe” campaign came back and bit them on the butt. You have to be a realist and know when the scheduling is in your favor and when hype is hype. The difference this time around is 18 returning starters and depth. All the pieces are there but if state can’t solve their special teams woos or if they get bit with the injury bug; it could unravel into a 7 win season. The planets are lined up for a 9+ win season but everything has to go their way for that to happen. Basically they need some luck. Hey, Auburn used it on Georgia & Alabama last year and played for a national championship. So, who knows……As far as this game goes the Golden Eagles are now looking more like the “Golden Beagles”. Their defense just kinda runs around sniffing in a circle trying to catch a scent of where the ball carrier just went!!!.....The only way Southern Mississippi is going to be able to stop Dak Prescott in this game is by having Brett Favre stext him a photo showing off a new freckle he found on Mr. Winky on 4thand SHORT-------------------very short!!! Bulldogs win and cover 42-10!!!!

#14 Wisconsin Badgers (4.5pt DOG) @ #13 LSU Tigers…(at Houston, TX)

Bulldozer vs. Bulldozer…..Two of the most physical teams in college football will square up Saturday night and punch each other until the referee stops the fight in the 4th quarter. There will be no knockout in this fight; just blood and bruises. They will have to go to the scorecards on this fight. The instinct is to go with the Badgers experience vs. the lack of, with the Tigers. But, the fact of the matter is, “Less” Miles is the luckiest SOB on the planet and LSU is rebuilding every year due to losing eligible players to the NFL early. Yet, they finish with 10+ wins every year playing in the SEC West. HOW??? Recruiting-----and believe me, they are stacked. They have 5 star players riding the bench every year waiting their turn behind yet more 5 star players. It’s called dynasty football!!!.......LSU wins and covers 27-21!!!

Week One - Sunday – SEC-2014

Utah State Aggies (6 pt DOG) @ Tennessee Volunteers…

Smokey limps into a bar with a bandage on his leg. He walks over to the bar and begins to stare heavily at the bartender. After an uncomfortable few moments the bartender finally asks “Can I help you?”
And Smokey replies-“Yeaa, I’M LOOKING FOR THE MAN WHO SHOT MY PAW!” Smokey is not only limping around from injuries but he’s limping into this season without a front line. The VOLS took a huge hit from graduation last year. The VOLS lost their entire starting lineup on the front line. (Offensively & Defensively!!!)….The Aggies of Utah State have been to three bowl games and have been on the rise. I like the Aggies but not enough to overlook the Aggies big question marks. Second year Head Coach Matt Wells inherited his “well oiled” team; so this year we’ll get a better view of his abilities to coach. Also, the Aggie’s starting QB and RB are both coming off major knee injuries. Playing at night at Neyland, Butch Davis coaching, huge recruiting years back to back, primetime and spotlight-------Yeah, I think Smokey gets it done!!!.............Volunteers win and but do not cover 31-28!!!

End of Week One
**************Results after Week XIV*************

****Week Fourteen Results****

Picked 6 out of 9 winners (Straight up) 66.67%
Picked 4 out of 9 winners (Against the Spread) 44.44%

****YTD Results for 2013 /2014 ****
Picked 94 out of 112 winners (Straight up) 83.93%
Picked 67 out of 111 winners (Against the Spread) 60.36%

Friday, December 6, 2013

#5 Missouri Tigers (2 pt DOG) @ #3 Auburn Tigers….

TIGERS WIN,,,,,,, TIGERS WIN,,,,,,,, TIGERS WIN!!!!......Well, which group (or pride) of Tigers are we talking about???.....Well, first off-----Tigers don’t run in prides or groups!!!.….That would be Lions!!! Tigers don’t mingle or hang out with other Tigers…..Basically; they’re solitary creatures and try to avoid each other for the most part!!!…. On the contrary, this Saturday they won’t be able to avoid each other!!!….Expect these two big Kats to fight until the death….The Stakes are high and the winner takes it all-----The SEC Championship!!!...Auburn basically has two 1,000 yard rushers in the backfield with QB Nick Marshall and RB Tre Mason….Then mix in Auburn’s defense and Marshall’s passing and you got a deadly combination…..Missouri on the other hand, has it all!!!! A 1,000 rusher named Henry Josey “Wales”, a 2,000 yard passer named “Benjamin” James Franklin and the SEC sack leader Michael “Surface Air Missile” S.A.M., I am!!!....Both teams were awesome against the Vegas spread this year….In fact, if you had bet on Missouri and Auburn every week this year you would have won 20 out of 24 games…Bottom-line for me, Auburn has had to depend on luck to get them to Atlanta and I think this week their luck runs out….Missouri wins straight up and puts the Vegas points in their pocket 31-24!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

#2 Florida State Seminoles (27 pt FAV) @ Florida Gators….

Raise your tomahawks in the air and wave em around like u just don’t care!!!... Tomahawk chop chop chop!!!!....... Tomahawk chop chop chop!!!!.......... Tomahawk chop chop chop!!!!

Ohhhhhh, oh oh-uh-uh ohhhhh


Oh-uh-uh-ohhhhh............etc. etc. etc…..

Seminoles QB Jameis Winston might be facing another rape charge after this game……With a Heisman and National Championship on the line expect Mr. Winston’s Gatorade to be spiked with Spanish fly, Viagra and some type of Low-T drug!!!...........(Compliments of Coach Jimbo Fisher’s own secret recipe!!!) I fully expect Jameis to rip off, take off, and get off on the Gator defense all day long!!!!.....In fact, after this game QB Jameis Winston may not be allowed within a 500 yards of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium!!!!! The game will start to look like a circus after halftime……………...Speaking of circus, every time Florida’s offense walks onto the field you should start to hear circus music as the clowns start to perform!!! Bottom-line, Florida is facing a drug problem this Saturday-------------yup!!!..............A drug problem!!! The Gainesville newspapers will headline Sunday morning:

“SEMINOLES DRUG THE GATORS UP-N-DOWN THE FIELD BY THEIR TAILS!!!”.......Seminoles win and cover 45-14!!!

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (14 pt DOG) @ Vanderbilt Commodores….

Someone forgot to tell the Demon Deacons they were supposed to lose last week when they played Duke!!!!……..I’m glad ole David Cutcliffe got the win but it was a super close game that never should have been!!!…..This week, Coach James Franklin will have no problem reminding the Demon Deacons that they are supposed to lose!!!..... Seniors RB Austyn Carta-Samuels, RB Wesley Tate, WR Jordan Matthews and WR Jonathan Krause have all been a huge part of something very special at Vanderbilt….Vanderbilt had never had back-to-back bowl games(this year makes 3 in-a-row!!!)…..Never has Vandy had back-to-back 9 win seasons, in fact, the only prior year they had 9 wins ever dating back to 1890 was back in 1915………….So, win this game, win their bowl game and make history again!!!..... Vandy was the whipping child for many, many years plus everyone’s homecoming-----That was the Vandy of old!!!!……….Everybody loves the underdog (including me) and it’s great to see this DOG have his day in the sun!!!!........These Seniors will not be denied!!!….Commodores win and 33-17!!!

1 Alabama Crimson Tide (10.5 pt FAV) @ #4 Auburn Tigers….

This game is going to be “part one” of a three part trilogy of the National Championship!!!!

Volume 1------The Iron Bowl Champ

Volume 2------The SEC Champ

And lastly, Volume 3---------The National Champion!!!

Bo Jackson Enterprises, Inc will be the host of this year’s main event which welcomes Bear Bryant and Company LLC to Jordan-Hare Stadium!!!.....(FYI - There really is a Bo Jackson Enterprises, Inc…loll)….We very well might be watching the national championship game this weekend at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Here’s what’s on the line for the Tide----If AJ McCarron can win here and next week in impressive fashion; he probably wins the Heisman Trophy plus brings home Alabama’s “First Ever” three-peat National Championship!!!....If the Tigers win this Saturday, fans from Dothan to Killen will soon gather together to erect a golden calf name “GUS” and then place it at the altar of the church of Jordan-Hare!

Offensively these teams are close but I have to give the edge to Alabama’s defense….Will playing at Auburn make a difference….yes----but only on the spread!!!….The Tide wins but does not cover 24-14!!!

Georgia Bulldogs (3 pt FAV) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets….

Float like a butterfly and sting like a Bee, Yellow Jackets swarming just far as you can see!!!.....That’s what I see when I look towards Atlanta!!!.....Some Georgia fans worry that their Bulldogs can’t be and won’t be two dimensional without QB Aaron Murray in the lineup!!!!…..Well folks, you heard it here first, the Bulldogs will, in fact, still be a two dimensional team going into this game!!!……Basically, it will look like this; Todd Gurley right and Todd Gurley left!!!!..........lollll………….Ok, Georgia’s in trouble!!!! Georgia Tech’s only losses this year come from teams that have QBs that are capable of putting up huge passing numbers!!! The only exception was a loss to Virginia Tech which has a TOP TEN nationally ranked defense!!!....Every run dominant team that the Yellow Jackets faced this year, were beaten handedly!!! Yellow Jackets win and pocket the Vegas points 35-28!!!

Tennessee Volunteers (4 pt FAV) @ Kentucky Wildcats….

Just in case you were wondering my loyal Kentucky Football Fans--------The men’s basketball team is now 6-1!!!!.....()………Ok, somebody has to win this football game ------right???........ Well, with these two teams, there’s a good chance that both teams could lose!!!......lolll……...I can’t beat up the Volunteers too bad because they did upset South Carolina this year, they did have a 1,000 yard rusher and they did have Vanderbilt beat last weekend but gave it away with 16 seconds left in the game!!! The Wildcats, on the other hand, manage to scare a few teams but really, the only thing that the Wildcats were able to upset this year was Coach Stoops’s stomach!!!!...Coach Stoops, my advice to you for next year--------NEXIUM!!!.........VOLs win and cover 27-21!!!

#6 Clemson Tigers (4 pt DOG) @ #10 South Carolina Gamecocks….

Clemson fans; South Carolina has just went “back2back” x2 on you!!!!......If QB Tajh Boyd doesn’t win this weekend he will go down in history as the losingest QBs to have ever played at Clemson despite the fact that he’s one of the winningest QBs to ever play at Clemson!!!…..South Carolina has never-EVER won 5 in-a-row against rival Clemson!!!…..More than just rivalry history is on the line for the Gamecocks this weekend----If Johnny Football can knock off Missouri then the Gamecocks have a date in Atlanta with Dick Satan and his team of Demon Elephants from “Tusk-aloosa”……….Should be a great game!!! QB Tajh Boyd has been awesome this year plus he just went over 3,000 yards passing for the third straight year------and QB Conner Shaw should surpass 2,000 yards passing for the first time in his career at Carolina!!!...........15 straight home wins, the Terminator playing quarterback and there’s a reason that JC is a NFL first round draft pick!!!.........These are my reasons for these two team’s seasons!!!.....Cocks win and cover 35-28!!!

#21 Texas A&M Aggies (4 pt DOG) @ #5 Missouri Tigers…..

Johnny Football come lately, the new kid in town

everybody loves you, so don't let them down!!!……The EAGLES ROCK!!!!!….Anyway, did Johnny Football let you down last weekend and did he lose his Heisman trophy last weekend???..... Johnny Football has two chances to win a Heisman, slim and none, and slim just caught a bus T-town!!!….If AJ loses to Auburn or loses in the SEC Championship game it puts the Heisman Trophy in the hands of Florida State’s QB Jameis Winston----If Winston struggles against Florida or get indicted on a possible pending rape charge then, Johnny Football has a chance.

Bottom-line: If Texas A&M wins……

If Johnny Football wins in impressive fashion he keeps his Heisman Hopes alive plus it likely places his team in the Cotton Bowl to take on the Baylor Bears!!!!…In addition, if A&M wins it automatically places the South Carolina Gamecocks into the SEC Champion game in Atlanta!!!!

Bottom-line: If the Missouri Tigers win….

If Mizzou wins they play for an SEC Champion in Atlanta….If they win the SEC Championship, they are playing for a National Championship!!!..........................Tigers win but do not cover 45-42!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ole Miss Rebels (3 pt FAV) @ Mississippi State Bulldogs….

It's the story
Of a Man name Dan
Who was bringing up three very timely QBs
All of them had helmets of gold, like their brothers,..
The youngest one might freeze!!!

Here's the story
Of a man named Hugh
Who was busy with three stars of his own
They were 4 Rebels
Playing all together
Despite they weren’t homegrown…

Then one day when Dan met this fellow
And he knew that his Bulldogs had more than a punch
That this team might somehow find a victory
That´s the way they all became the Bulldog Crunch.
The Bulldog Crunch,
The Bulldog Crunch,
That's the way they became the Bulldog Crunch.

Ok, back to realty….If Dak is out and Tyler is out then I think we all know what the most likely outcome in this game will be!!!!…..On paper the Rebels should win the game but it is a rivalry game which muddies the water!!!….The only way the Bulldogs can beat Ole Miss is if the defense holds Ole Miss to 14 points or less….The Bulldogs “WILL NOT” win if they get into a shootout with Bo Wallace with freshman QB Damian Williams under center …..The Bulldog’s Gold Chrome Domes will be shining at Scott Field on Thanksgiving night in Stark-Vegas but it doesn’t negate the fact that the Bulldogs are starting an inexperienced freshman QB….Rebels win and cover 24-14!!! (And for the record, I hope I’m completely wrong!!!)

Arkansas Razorbacks (25 pt DOG) @ #17 LSU Tigers….

“Less” Miles, the most hated man in Baton Rouge!!!.....Sorry LSU fan, you can’t get rid of Les because he keeps on winning!!!.....(You poor thing)..... Arkansas’s Bret Bielema is only a cheeseburger shy of matching the glory years of Coach Jack Crowe!!!....(That 3-9 record awaits you----Ouch!).....The Razorback for some strange reason give the Bayou Bengals fits…..The 4-8 Razorbacks last year came within a touchdown of upsetting 10-2 LSU….That will not be the case this year…Despite how bad things were at Arkansas last year it did not remove the fact that they still had an NFL caliber QB, by the name Tyler Wilson, reading the defenses and pulling the trigger!!!!…. (He’s now an Oakland Raider, just in case you were wondering!!!) Tyler Wilson had a career day with over 359 yards passing--------Don’t expect that same performance from Arkansas’s QB Brandon Allen!!!…But, you can expect LSU’s QB Zach Mettenberger to have a career day!!! Zach is just shy of 3,000 yards for the season which would be his best year at LSU….Expect him to be on fire this game!!!……..In fact, there’s a good chance that the scoreboard catches on fire too!!!...........Bayou Bengals win and cover 42-14!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Game Schedule Nov. 23rd Central Times

Game Schedule    Time      TV     XM    Sirius

Miss ST @ Ark    11:00    SECTV   196    134
Coastal @ S Car  12:00    ppv     200     93
Chatt @ Alabama   1:00    ppv     201    117
GA. SO @ Florida  1:00    ppv     198    128
T.A&M @ LSU       2:30    CBS      91     91
KY @ Georgia      6:00    ESPNU   200     93
Vandy @ Tenn      6:00    ESPN2   199    128
Mizzou @ Ole Miss 6:45    ESPN     85     85     

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1.5 pt FAV) @ Arkansas Razorbacks….

Bulldog fans came within a gnat’s ass of trading in them old 1980’s “MSU 6 - Bama 3” t-shirts for a brand new t-shirt that reads “MSU 21- Bama 20”!!!....Bully put up a hellva fight but in the end Dan Mullen had to break out his pooper scooper; bag it, trash it and move on!!!…..Here’s the percentage breakdown on this week’s game: If QB Dak Prescott can play at 80% (elbow) then the Bulldogs have about 75% of winning this game…..If QB Tyler Russell can play at 80% (shoulder/arm) then the Bulldogs have about 50% of winning this game…..and if the third string QB Damian Williams has to play at 80%(knee) then the Bulldogs have about 25% of winning this game!!!.....Now, if you’re a Razorbacks fan then it’s real simple; Offensively the Razorbacks have to establish the run with Collins, Williams and/or Marshall in order to create big-easy-open passing lanes for QB Brandon Allen….And on the defensive side of the ball, all the Hawgs really need to do to stop the Bulldogs is to stop their passing game. Without Dak Prescott in the line up the Bulldogs become too one dimensional…I think Dak Prescott will “NOT” be able to play this weekend but Tyler Russell will be able to play!!!......Bulldogs win and cover 28-24!!!

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (34.5 pt DOG) @ #11 South Carolina Gamecocks….

First off I would like to give a shout out to Carolina’s kicker, Elliott Fry, for winning the game last week against the Gators….The 145 pound soaking-wet kicker took over in the fourth quarter by hitting a 22 and 43 yard field goal to win the game….Fry may be small and can only bench press the “bar” but he‘s definitely this week’s “BMOC” (Big Man On Campus!!!)……………Now, on to this week’s matchup!!!!
If KFC’s Colonel Sanders were alive-n-kicking today he would be headin’ to Williams-Brice Stadium to watch this game!!!(No pun intended)……Coastal Carolina is 10-1 and South Carolina is 8-2!!!….And just for the record, a chanticleer is a fancy, literary name for a rooster….And a Gamecock is, basically, a fancy way of saying; “tough-ass” killer cock that ain‘t chicken!!!……Speaking of “tough-ass” cock, South Carolina has one of the toughest Cocks around and he goes by the name Colonel Shaw, I mean Conner Shaw!!!….And when Conner Sanders, I mean Conner Shaw has his offense “shaking-n-baking”; it feels like all them "Eleven Herbs and Spices "on the field can’t be beat!....Lastly, I don’t want to seem too Cocky about this Carolina defense but I think they’re good enough to force this 10-1 Coastal Carolina team into laying a goose egg!!!(Or a Chanticleer egg, if you prefer!!!) Gamecocks win and cover 42-0!!!
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